non-invasive methods of imaging tissue sections in vivo

OCT possible aplication:

  • ophthalmology

  • Doppler blood flow measurements

  • tissue characterization

  • cell imaging

  • profilometry 

  • non-destructive material applications

  • thin-film multi-layer thickness analysis

  • manufacturing process flow

  • microfluidics

  • 3D microscopy

Own projects

  • Designing and building the OCT interferometer for anterior chamber of a human eye

  • Control of the optical field coherence by spatiotemporal light modulation

R&D services

  • Analysis of blood cells using optical methods

  • Feasibility study concerning OCT as a reliable and robust tool for measuring delaminations in plastic soldering

  • Feasibility study concerning OCT as a reliable and robust tool for providing quantitative geometric data related to the soft contact lens

  • Contact Lens Characterization Using OCT