The Company

AM2M Limited Liability Company Limited Partnership is a company, established by five  physicists connected with Institute of Physics at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (NCU), Poland. AM2M signed a cooperation agreement with NCU, which enabled commercialization of intangible goods produced by the partners during their work at the University and guarantee AM2M access to the laboratories of  Optical Biomedical Imaging Group.


Our mission is to develop novel solutions or devices in bio-medical and industrial applications, based on our unique experience in advanced optical methods and access to  world-class research laboratory.


The vision of AM2M is effective commercialization of academic research results and professional R&D service. AM2M is a leader that provides innovative, creative and ambitious solutions in the field of non-invasive imaging, well beyond actual state-of-the art. The experience of shareholders, access to world-class research laboratory, very able engeneers and scientists committed to their work and cooperation with clients based on mutual understanding and trust underlying AM2M superiority.