About Us

non-invasive methods of imaging tissue sections in vivo

Who we are

We are the team of scientists from Institute of Physics at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland. The main field of activity of the company coincides with scientific activities of Optical Biomedical Imaging Group, which is to develop non-invasive methods of imaging tissue sections in vivo. In particular, optical tomography OCT is being intensively developed. In this area, members of the company are successful on an international arena. They are one of the major world authorities in the field of OCT, as evidenced by nearly 200 publications in ISI list journals, which have been cited more than 5000 times by other authors, mainly from foreign research groups. Our team obtained an unique experience by participation in a project with the objective to design and construct Spectral OCT instrument to be used in the ophthalmology clinic as a diagnostic tool. The project was completed with a spectacular success – the method and the instrument itself have been introduced to the worldwide market by a Polish company OPTOPOL Technology S.A. in 2006 as a first.

Our experience

Equally important, we combine scientific expertise and training with the ability to transfer scientific results to industry, as we co-authored 5 patents and 6 patent applications in the field of OCT. All the patents have been commercialized. AM2M was founded to combine enterprising spirit with our scientific research. As a company we offer a complete range of R&D services in noninvasive imaging, especially using OCT.  Our service is highly specialized and our laboratory equipment and devices enabled us to look for new methods and to build laboratory prototype . Apart from R&D service we are also working on our own project - a novel method for manipulating a light beam that possibly might be used in ultrahigh resolution imaging, communication  and metrology.